How to Wear Sunglasses and Look Effortlessly Cool?

Protective eyewear is primarily worn to prevent bright sunlight and high-energy visible light from damaging your eye, ending up being the perfect balance between style and comfort. Sunglasses are lightweight and ultra-thin stainless steel cut frames that are quite brilliantly pocketable. Gone are the days when you would find these sunglasses with bulky designs and that too being handed over in heavy discomfort. Today's fashion game is all about shades that match your mood, look and lifestyle and suit your daily fashion routine well. Knowing when and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe might take a little planning, but eventually becomes the game-changer to turn heads when the sun shines bright! 

The unbeatable sun coverage in a certain form is sure to become a practical and trendy solution to protect and shape the eye well. From oversized, ski-like goggles to sleek, go faster, wrap-around iterations, etc., the hottest of those boasts a wide-reaching trend comprising a season's collection. Your eyewear is sure to raise the bar of fashion standards beyond imagination. The article would further unfold tips on wearing sunglasses and looking effortlessly cool when out to beat the heat. The sunglasses fashion stereotypes take a step toward a fashion-forward and much more contemporary style!

Tips for styling sunglasses for an amazingly inspiring overall look

Up the fashion game with the best sunglasses for men and women that give a statement look and are a must for a stylish and trendy fit. Concealing the real emotions and imperfections and making the faces look more symmetrical, apt sunglasses boost the wearer's confidence! Having said that, here are a few styling tips that let you make yourself more attractive, giving an expression to your face and bolstering self-esteem!

1) The right fit for your face contour

Adding a scaffolding effect to the overall face contour, sunglasses impose the appearance of an external structure temporarily to frame the shape of the face. Every face contour is different, and the choice of being a comfortable and attractive fit simultaneously becomes the real fashion trigger! Look for a pair that fits close to your face without slipping and doesn't put pressure on your forehead or the bridge of your nose. Those are to be worn for extended periods on sunny days. Keep this in mind before choosing your eyewear! ROAV Eyewear helps you here and brings you a range of classics handpicked amongst the best in THE ORIGIN SERIES for your ultimate season’s fashionista!


2) A choice that is more practical and versatile


A pair to complement your face shape and protect you from the sun's glare, and you feel the job is done? Sunglasses are much more than that! Add to your wardrobe a design that will impact your everyday usage. From the rectangular frames suited more to the sportswear to those flattering cat-eye shapes for long drives and those classic aviators for your staycations at the beach!! Choose the one that adds a touch of flair to the modest outfit and garnishes it with a hint of sophistication and elegance to complement your personality. Unboxing The ODYSSEY SERIES, you get a vibrant range of pieces that prove both practical and versatile. Check out! 

3) Try different shapes and experiment with your styling options

Once you find your style and shape, add it to your Wishlist but be prepared to experiment! It is time your personal preferences, style statement, and confidence levels come into the picture. From the classic aviator, round, square, cat-eye, and wrap-around sunglasses, to more extravagant styles, bring the trial and error technique into application and let those abstract designs display your individuality and panache. One of the finest choices picked from THE ACETATE SERIES for instance could be your pair-up on a bright sunny day! We certainly deserve the treaty of having to adorn the best sunglasses for men and women.

4) Go for the ultimate comfort and protection 

This one isn't a style tip as such but still counts! There are limitations to every sunglass choice, and knowing when and how to wear your sunglasses should be part of the criterion defined for your eyewear selection. Think of the pair that leaves you with damaged eyes in the process of being a staple put on as a transcendent fashion, the eyewear is not worth your investment in the long run. Always look for labels that specify "100% UV Protection" or "100% UVA and UVB Protection" to know that the lenses will do their job and protect your eyes from harmful rays. It's important to look good, but it's also important to stay safe and comfortable under the sun. 

Shop for the best sunglasses that accentuate your look effortlessly

Be it sunglasses for men or women, a fine selection from an array of classic and trendy choices lets you understand how aesthetically pleasing the fashion statement can be. With ROAV Eyewear bringing in featured styles comprising great frames and polarized lenses, the lightweight comfort and the no-slip design is an add-on to your favorite frames. Time to amaze yourselves through mesmerizing choices that are truly pocketable, foldable, and RX-friendly. Get your frame and add your prescription now!